Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Vacation

As expected, it wasn't just me who's looking forward to have a good vacation this coming spring time! Also our good friends that has kids are also can't wait to go for a vacation. They already booked their flight and soon they will be off to the place they wanted to stay for couple of days. I haven't done anything for our vacation plan yet but soon we will work on that. We just have to get things ready before off we go.

The friends i was talking about will be leaving next week and i can see how excited she is to be in the place with her family since it will be their first time to be in that place. They will be staying in French Gites for several days and they plan to tour the place while they were there. It must be a fun vacation i should say, she told me that she will be posting a lot of pictures soon as they get home. Their holiday lets vacation is all set, they just have to wait for the day to fly there. I myself have never been there yet and i would be as excited as she is if ever we will go there and have our vacation as well.

Since we haven't done anything to our vacation plan yet, we might as well clean the house to get it ready for spring. We usually do that in spring time to clean the house thoroughly inside and out. And after that, we will probably work on our vacation plan. I won't get excited yet for we don't know where are we going this time. I told hubby i want to go to out of the country and he is considering my idea. Cool! We'll probably can leave the house right after our oldest son gets off to school and have his summer vacation. That's gonna be a perfect time for my family to have a getaway.

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