Sunday, August 15, 2010

Serving For A Decade

Fall is almost there in Utah, hubby loves to keep the grass clean cut before the winter comes. But his problem is, our lawn mower is not working anymore like it used to. What' do you expect? It's been used for such a long time now! He got it before he met me and he had it like it's already over 10 years i think. Machines wears out especially when it is being used all the time. My hubby is one hard working man, he likes to keep our outside clean and neat looking. That's why his lawn mower is now worn out.

He told me earlier that he will have to buy a new ariens lawn mower. The lawn mower we have at home died on him, it's really paid the price. Been working with him for long years already and i should say that the mower is now retiring itself. Poor thing! Well, i must say that hubby did a great job for taking care of the said machine for it lasted so long. He was able to maintain it so good, that's why the machine is still alive until it died on him yesterday. Now, it's time for him to buy a new one, time for him to replace his retiring lawn mower machine that served him for almost a decade, lol!

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