Monday, August 9, 2010

Replaced And Cleaned

I really can't wait until next month for my husband arrival. He is going to follow us here to get us and will stay here for about 3 weeks to enjoy our vacation more. Then after that we will be heading back to our home again. Husband said that we have to enjoy the vacation to the fullest because soon as we go back to our home, it's going to be colder, winter will come. I know i should say fall first but seems like there's no fall in our place, always the winter comes right away and has fall at the same time. That's why hubby said he checked all our room heaters make sure that the filter are replaced and the dusts are cleaned. Hubby did really a great job taking care of our house while i am away with our kids. That's why i am so proud of him, he takes care of everything.

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