Friday, August 13, 2010

No Picture Update

Have you noticed that i update my blogs without pictures no more attached to it? It is because i cannot use my computer there and upload some pictures, my internet connection is so slow that it can't do the upload even for just a small size of a picture. I am trying my best to update my blog as possible as i can to keep my readers comes back all the time. Blogging is my one love aside from other hobbies i got, i cannot just give up this hobby since this is going to be my past time soon as i come back there in our place. Being in the net everyday is part of my daily routine especially when i am upset, happy, sad or excited for something. I love to rant every emotions i feel and i am not afraid to tell people how i feel for them or i don't care if they won't like me. Blogging is my only way to express my thoughts through the net and i am so happy that blogging is being introduced to me. Since then, i became a blogger addict and will get worried if i can't update even one of my websites.

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