Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Weakness, My Family

Most people that really don't know me personally say that i am a snob type of person. I don't give smile to people i don't know especially when the person i am looking to is not a friendly type as well. Miss tiger look is what i get most often of the comments of people around me. I really don't care and i don't worry about what other people can say about me since i am not affected at all. All i care is myself, my loved ones too. Yes, i am not as friendly like i am now before. I used to be a loner but determined and tough, always thinking of many things to just to surpass the trials and obstacles that comes to my life. I don't easily give up to the problems i encounter, for me, giving up is just showing people that i am weak.

People has weaknesses i know that. Mine is my family, no matter how tough i am as i brag about it, but when it comes to my family i get frightened whenever one of them gets sick or something happened. I love my family more than myself, i can give everything what i have for them, it is my happiness to see them happy and i don't care if i don't have it as long as they are happy with the things and love i give them.

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