Friday, August 13, 2010

Glad He Is Better

Last few days ago my little potato was sick, been throwing up and having a diarrhea. I am happy that he got better now although he's still have a little bit of a diarrhea but not as bad like it was before. It got me a little scared and worried when i saw his eyes looked awful and seems like he didn't get enough sleep, looked like he was about to dehydrate. So i went to the town and bought him pedialyte to keep him from dehydration. I am a tough woman but when it comes to my kids i get scared right away, i would want to get sick myself rather than seeing my kids get sick. I hate it when my kids are lousy and weak, it only means that they are not feeling good because they are as active like a busy bug when they are in a good condition. Right now, i am just happy and at ease knowing my little one is back to normal, being giggly and walking around every corner of his grandmother's house.

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