Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exhausting Trip

That was sure a tiring trip! Although the whole trip was nice and smooth but being with my two kids is exhausting enough. Especially dealing with my little potato's tantrums, sure that was something to me. Four months ago when we flew going to Philippines, it wasn't as bad like it was when we came back here the other day, for he was just only nine months then and doesn't know how to walk yet, so no interest of roaming around the whole airplane yet. But when we flew coming back here, whew! What a flight i must say!

He just wanted to be on loose! I must admit he is a lot like me, more independent and wanted to do things right away. I am not blaming him for how he is now though, but there are really times that he runs out my patience and he needs to be disciplined like time out. At the very young age of one, he's got to learn and realize what he can and cannot do. He sure is a handful baby that is absolutely different from his big brother. Like what my mother always tells me, every child is different in their own way and i should not compare my two kids, instead i just have to study more about their behavior and attitude as they grow so i can do something about it and deal with each tantrums. Hard to be a mother i must say, but indeed a fulfilling responsibility.

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