Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missing My Native Place

My younger brother went home not too long ago. He is a sailor and had his time off now. He took our mother and our youngest brother to our native place where we all born and grew up. I miss that place so bad! I was gonna go back there last year during our vacation but my mother suggested i better not because i have the little one to take care of during the trip and it won't be a good idea because he is a wiggly boy. Well, i was thinking that i managed to take care of my two boys during our long flight, how much more the short trip from Bohol to Mindanao. For me, that's not really a long trip, but since my mother said no, i just obeyed. And now i learned that they are there right now and it made me so jealous and want to go home too. I wish i was there right now!

I miss the place, the fresh fish that we get there for cheap and the people that i know, our neighbors and families. When i phoned my mother she mentioned that they went to the island where we used to go, a beautiful clean white sandy island that no one lives there, it's owned by the government but people are allowed to have some picnics there and enjoy the beauty of the nature. I really wanna go back there, so next time when i go home, i would never miss going there anymore, i will definitely plan ahead to go there with my kids no matter what. My homesickness got worse when i saw this picture taken by a buddy in flikr. It reminded me of the island beach i was talking about!

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