Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Boy Helping Daddy

Here's daddy's little helper! As he was begging me to go up in the mountain to play with his snowboard, i told him why not help daddy to shovel the snow outside instead, that can be a fun thing to do as well. So he said yes and he ran to the garage and got the small shovel that daddy got for him. My oldest son really loves to go outside a lot just like his daddy. He likes to be more outside rather than being stuck here inside the house. The little one is just like me too, he prefers to be warm and comfy inside the house rather than staying outside too long and get freeze.
Daddy's little helper
I am glad that he did not bug me anymore about going up to the mountain to play with his snowboard, i am sure that i won't be able to stay there too long for i know it is freezing up there right now. We'll probably go there sometime but not today, and if he begs again, i will just have to take him outside and play his snowboard in the backyard instead, that will be still fun!

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Eds said...

Hi mommy darlene, musta ka na? Long time to hop ako ehe... nice to see your 2 boys are all grown up na ako eto mg 2 plang babies ko. :)

See you around sis! Happy weekend. :)

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