Friday, February 18, 2011

Good And Kind Neighbor

Having two kids in the house is really a must to have a thermometer. It is my way of being prepared to monitor their temperature whenever they get sick. My eldest doesn't get sick that often, but if he does, he gets a really high fever that makes me panic. And there was a time that i had to call our neighbor across the street so she can attend the little one while i take my eldest to the hospital so he will be checked. She is a retired nurse so she gave me the cautery. She has it for a long time already and it's what she used to her children when they were just little. I am happy that she gave it to me because it is like a thing that has a lot of memory to her. I felt so special because one of the most thing that has sentiments to her is now mine. She is really a good neighbor and i can always depend on her all the time whenever i need help.

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