Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grapefruit Will Help Me

I hate getting sick! But what can i do now? I am already sick and i need to get better as soon as i can because there is no one else that can take my place and do all the house chores and takes care of the energetic kids here in the house. I feel like i want to escape from them and have my own time myself so i will get well as fast as i wanted to be. For now, all i need to do is just find something that will make me feel better. I might drink that teraflu that my friend gave me and of course eating some grapefruit would help a lot!
I usually eat grapefruit whenever i get sick, it really is very effective, it will cure my scratchy and dry throat, and it will give me the vitamins C that i need. I feel so weak right now, i want to lay down all day long and doesn't want to be bothered. But guess what? I am here in front of my computer right now doing my tasks, might as well that i cannot get the rest that i wanted for i am being bothered by the kids every second. Argh! This is not good at all, i need to get better right away!

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