Thursday, September 30, 2010

Helping His Dream Come True

My youngest brother was happy when hubby and i bought a three in one printer. I must say that i really am so naive when it comes to technology, i did not know that there's technology nowadays that does three things, it can print, scan and photo copy (aka. xerox copy). Well anyway, what's good thing about what we bought for him is it has laser printer cartridge. He sure knows how to find a best one that also has a reasonable price and also that can save printer cartridges.

He's been dreaming to have his own internet cafe and my younger brother which is next to me and our eldest brother wanted to make his dream come true. Soon they are planning to make his dream into reality. They are starting to gather everything now what they need to have and what they need to do. Hubby helped a little bit of it, in fact he chose the printer himself, he picked the one that can save ink more. The printer ink cartridges is not very pricey compared to other one i was going to get, but he told me better get the printer what we got for my brother. That's just a little help but it means a whole lot to my brother and we're very glad to help him even in a small way.

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