Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Handful Potato

Some of you might not know that i call my youngest son a potato. Why? Because when he was born his daddy said, he was a big baby and heavy like a bag of potato. So from then on, we started to call him potato, even his big brother calls him that way. As he is growing, i noticed the big differences between my two kids. My eldest is the most quiet and kind of mellow kid, he prefers to be alone than being bothered. He is a lot like his daddy. While his youngest brother is a lot different from him, sure he is a handful baby. He cannot just be still even for just a second. He always finds something that he can grab or maybe some crumbs on the floor that he picks up and eat it.

There was one time that he actually cut a bug with his teeth. Was so shocked when i saw the poor bug was crushed already. Good thing i saw it right away. Also, he is one bully kid. If you are the one's holding him, be aware and be careful because he doesn't give warnings, he will wack your face real hard. To think he is only a year old baby but he can hurt you really bad. My mother always tells me that children are sure different in their own way and style. Now i can fully understand what my mother is saying, she's got nine kids and i only have two. I cannot imagine having nine kids myself, especially i live here in America and i do everything all by myself. I don't think i would survive, nah. Good thing i only have two, and i am happy enough having two boys in my life. They can be sometimes annoying and pain in my butt but they are my happiness most of the time.

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