Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quiet Passengers

My two boys are sure growing so fast. I could not even keep up with them. They're quite handful yet, they are also my joys and my inspiration every single day. It makes me smile whenever i see them playing together so happily although there are times that i get a little annoyed whenever i see them fighting. Well, honestly, it's the little one who is bully, his big brother just cry when they start to hurt each other because they play rough.

The other day as we headed to the big city, the two boys in the back seat were so noisy and happy teasing each other. But suddenly they went quiet, so i had to turn my head and look at them to check if they were alright. But it made me smile when i saw them so peacefully and quietly asleep! This is how they look during the whole trip to where we went. Haha, aren't they so cute? Oh well, they are always cute in mommy's eyes hehe....

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