Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun At The Lake

We were able to enjoy the beautiful day last Thursday. I was so happy that a friend of mine visited me here for it was her day off. She got the chance to drove all by herself all the way down here to our place for the very first time. And then i took her to the well-known lake that i like to go all the time with my best friend. It was her first time going to that lake as well, so she was so excited when she saw it and amazed how beautiful the place is.

I got tons of photographs of her and with my little one with her. I had no plan to have myself being photographed in there too since i have a lot of pictures taken in there already. But she insisted to have her take pictures of me. She got some good snaps of me, and i am glad to see the pictures she took, she is getting better each time she operates my camera and i am proud of her. Anyway, here's two of the few shots she got for me.

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