Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowboarding In The Frozen Lake

It was a nice day the other day, so i decided to take my kids out to a frozen lake not too far from here. The kids and i had so much fun indeed, if it was a blast for me, it was even more a fun day for my two boys. They chased each other in the open field of a frozen lake and did the snowboarding as well. We rode all three of us of my son's snowboard. It was a great quality time with my two boys and it was indeed an another memorable moments that i can keep. Of course, camera was with me to capture all those moments, so i can freeze it and keep it as my remembrance.
My little potato in the snow
This picture above was one of the cute moments of my little one. I think he was waiting for his big brother to pull him in this shot, he was so quiet while his big brother was fixing the rope that got caught under the snowboard. I can tell that he was a little cold already in this picture but still want to play some more. We stayed there for about an hour and half and decided to go home after because my fingers were frozen to death. They whined but i told them that if they won't listen to me, i will not take them there again anymore. But before we came home, i took the kids to a food chain to eat. It was a sweet memorable moments with my two boys again, and i was so happy seeing them playing happily.

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gLoR!e said...

nyaaaa...ka cute anih niya oi...mura naay movie anih darl..:)