Thursday, January 13, 2011

Request From My Young Man

My kindergarten boy is now always requesting what he likes to eat when he gets home from his school. So every time i drop him off to his school, he would tell me to buy me this and buy me that. Even though it is cold outside, i have to go somewhere where i can find those request of his to buy it, for i know he will be upset when he gets home and he won't find his request in the kitchen table.

I just let him ask me things though because that's one way of showing him that i listen to him so he will do the same to me, as you all know that kids copies what grown up does. And besides he deserves to have his requests because he's been doing so good in school. He does his own homework, he only asks us if he cannot understand it but of course we are always there to support him enable for him to understand his homework better. And he is not asking anything silly by the way, he mostly asks food to eat, like these apple and fried chicken, one of his favorites.


Emzkie said...

basig ma spoiled ni Darl. sabagay he is a very good boy, he deserves more! =)

Utah Mommy said...

He knows his limits man pod Emz, kay mo say no man pod ko ug too much na iyang pangayuon kay sometimes ang bata mo try man gyud ug mo uyon ba tang parents hihi. He is a very good boy gyud he is absolutely different from the little one, murag mas kulisaw ning gamay nako and i am hoping mausab rani ig madako na hihi kanang naa nay buot.

gLoR!e said...

ako i will give all basta foods lang permi pangayuun..:) di nako ihatag beyond food..:)