Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lucky Boy

When hubby bought my new laptop in the store last Saturday, the five year old son also wanted his dad to buy him a new wii accessories. So Daddy bought him another nunchuk for his black controller so we both can play the boxing. Soon as we came home, he bugged me right away to play the boxing game with him even though i was still busy doing some chores and preparing dinner for us. Hubby said that the next thing he will get for his wii is the wii wheel so he can play racing game. Lucky is our son, i never got the chance to play the kinds of toys he plays now when i was just a kid, lol! I used to play outside and it's more on exercise because we do most of the time, jumping, chasing, hide and seek and etc. We never had these computers, and some other advanced electronics way back then to enjoy haha...

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