Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unbelievably Inexpensive

I was so surprised with my pair of glasses back home because it went bad so quickly. I had this over two years ago and i replaced the lens for about just only 2 months ago. But then i noticed all of the sudden that my vision is not match to my lens anymore. I was having hard time looking on the certain distance, all i see is so blurry and it's quite annoying for me because it makes me feel so dizzy and make me wanna puke.

So i told my mother that i can't see no more even wearing my glasses. She suggested that i need a new pair of glasses and she took me this morning to the eye doctor's clinic where she got her pair of glasses. We went there this morning and i was so shocked that the pair of glasses is so unbelievably inexpensive. It's 25 times the price of my old pair of glasses. What's more surprising about the pair of glasses i have is the very excellent vision i have now. I must say that my eyes is really getting so worse. I mentioned about this problem of mine to hubby and he got so worried and thought it would be good if i just go back there as possible as i can to be taken cared of by an eye specialist. But i just said that i will be fine and will try to make solution to this and i did. I am so very happy now that i got my new pair of glasses and i should say that i picked the perfect frame that matches my face shape. I so love it and it's very clear, glad i can see better now, unlike before i had this, everything is blurry and all the people i see in the certain distance looks like mummies and witches lol!

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