Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Soul Old Man

My mother's old neighbor guy hasn't change even for a bit. He still the same joker that i used to know. I love talking to him because he's got full of energy despite of his old age. Sometimes he can be nasty and talks about below the belt, you know what i mean, those censored kinds that are not meant for minor ages. He once joked with me that his girlfriend asked him to buy a testosterone cream so his girlfriend will enjoy even more in bed, haha it made me laugh because i am thinking that i don't he could still so such things like that knowing at his age will be too much for him. But he told me that there's no impossible things for him to do, he said he still strong and tough like a young kicking horse, silly old man! Anyway, i am happy for him for he's got the strong spirit and happy soul.

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