Friday, June 25, 2010

Things To Tell, Little Time To Do

What's up with blogging lately? Any new updates? Well if you guys will ask me, i have a lot of things to tell you all but not too much time to do it. Me and my kids were having so much fun at the beach the other day together with my family here. My oldest one got so tanned because he didn't got out from the water and stayed all day at the beach. I was so happy watching my kids having a blast but then on the back of my mind i was sad because i know that they are going to miss what the nature can offer to make them so happy. I love being home, aside from delicious food that we can eat here, also the beach that we cannot simply find it there in our place. So i must say that i have to let my kids enjoy and myself our vacation while we are still here and i thank GOD for always giving us such priceless blessings which is our life everyday and our good health.

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