Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Deserved Receiving Flowers!

Eversince i got married with my better half, i could only count in my fingers how many times he gave me flowers. The only one i remember in fact was when i came home from a long vacation and was so dead tired. That was what, almost four years ago? Goodness! His reason is, he doesn't like giving me flowers because it dies quick, while his love for me is not like that, it is forever, lol! I do know that he loves me so much just as much as i love him. But that doesn't mean if he gives me flowers, it represents the span of his love for me.

So i told hubby that this coming Valentines day i should get flowers from him. Yes, it may sound so demanding but he needs to give me once in a while to cheer me up and make me smile just like other women in the whole wide world. I should expect the flowers delivered before the special day of hearts. He just smiled at me and told me he'll see, so i said, he doesn't have to see, he has to do it, haha! Anyway, i know for sure he'll do it though, he loves giving me the things i want to get from him. That's how loving my husband is. I also told him what kind of flowers i want to receive during Valentines day :)

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