Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Time Flies!

Where did the time go? Where did it go? I was just browsing all my kiddos's pictures and made me realized that they are indeed growing faster than i thought! Goodness! Especially the little one that i am always with everyday. His big brother goes to school, so just two of us always gets left behind at home while daddy goes to work too. I still remember when he was born, so big and chunky! But now he's losing weight because he is more active and eat less. No matter how i tried to force him to eat but he won't eat the food i prepare for him.

Hopefully, he'll pass this stage. I know that every children undergo this kind of stage that they lose the appetite to eat. But, i am happy though that even he doesn't eat much like i wanted him to, he's still looking healthy kid to me. My mother used to say that she herself doesn't like chubby kids because it would be hard mostly for the parents to diet the kid. But, anyway, here's my little rugrat. Taken the other day before we had the snow storm. It was pretty day outside, chilly but not too bad, so we were able to enjoy and played outside with the whole family.

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