Monday, September 5, 2011

Missing Home

I shouldn't say that i am missing home since i am already home with my family. What i am saying is, i am missing my country where i was born and grew up. Oh how i wish i could fly right now and be with my family over there right at this moment. But then, i can't do that because i have a family of my own to take care of here. The fact that i have a first grader already that needs my full attention especially during every early morning, he needs me so i can take care of everything for him before he goes to school.

Viewing all the pictures we had when we went for a vacation in Philippines last year makes me homesick even more. The food the place and my family of course makes me wanna go home. Just like these picture below, it was taken during when my little one turned a year old with his small birthday cake smashed by him. It was a very simple celebration, yet very memorable. I am looking forward for another vacation there, hopefully two years from now or if i can't take it anymore, maybe next year. Let's just see what's gonna happen, but i am planning to visit my family there two years from now though since i also have a lot of things to do there on that year.

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