Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Milky Look Effect

Lately i have been so crazy with my editing in photoshop. I could not help myself not to open up my photoshop everyday. I love to play and to edit with the images i captured. In fact, i had a recent session with a young lady and it turned out to be a magical photo shoot ever. I love how all the photos i took came out really nice and beautiful, just like my model :)

Anyways, here's one stolen shot i got of my little one the other day as we went for a short walk since we can't stay outside too long due to the freezing temperature. I love how this image turned out to be because it looked like it's more of a milky image. I do love popping colors though, but when i tried this one, i sure fell inlove with it right there and then. Maybe i should practice more often to edit milky effect look like this one. It sure looks nicer and more dreamy :)

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